Jumanji — online escape room


Bored, you decided to climb into the attic in search of entertainment. Among the piles of things lying around, you find a dusty box with an old board game. You grab a valuable find without thinking, and run downstairs, wipe it down and see the colorful images of the Jumanji jungle, hmmmm … you heard about it, but you can’t remember what exactly. And now you are at the gaming table with your friends in anticipation of an unforgettable evening. You make the first move, but something goes wrong, everything around instantly starts to get dark and you understand that the game has swallowed you up and where you will find yourself, no one knows what will happen to you. The only way to get out of this situation comes the understanding that you have plunged into the game, which means you can win in it and this gives rise to hope for salvation. So you are ready to join the incredible world of exciting adventures, solve all the riddles that are an obstacle on the way and get out into the real world.