About Affiliate Program

Make money with us!

Become a partner of Quest-Room.online and get income from every game booked through your referral link.

The purpose of this program is the joint and mutually beneficial promotion of online escape rooms Quest-Room.online.

The partner’s account is separate and is not associated with the player’s account. To use the affiliate program, you must use the Partner Login.

Our advantages:
  • Affiliate program is an effective way to get passive income
  • Convenient accrual tracking system
  • Payments monthly


How to attract the clients?
  • Place your referral link on your website, Telegram channel, Viber group, etc.
  • Tell about us on your personal blog or social media page and include your referral link in the post.
  • Send letters to your friends, mates and clients, using email newsletters or in another way, indicating your referral link. The link can be compressed using the Bitly link shortening service.

How are rewards for games calculated?

The player follows your link and orders the game. You will be credited with the player’s game only after he activates the room.

How can I control the process?

You will see a table of completed orders on your personal partner’s account. As well as the amount earned. You can request a payment once a month and it will be transferred to you within 48 hours.

How much does a partner earn?

Affiliate reward is 30% from each paid and activated game.