What to do when bored teenager

Що робити якщо підлітку скучно

The question is not rhetorical, but quite practical. Because when a 12-15-year-old teen is bored at home alone after school, and doesn’t have a decent activity, bad friends, bad habits and bad consequences appear.

So when your teen says, “Mom, I don’t know what to do when bored,” don’t ignore it. Better sit down together and discuss this issue in detail. You have to propose, and your teen has to think about what he or she is willing to try and what he or she doesn’t like at all.

So what to do when a bored teenager? On weekdays after school, on the weekend, on vacation?

First of all, a teenager must have some hobby activities besides school. Sports, music, art. Then a teenager will rarely be bored, that’s good. Sports, music or art are not exactly leisure, it is a rather serious regular activity, developing talents and useful skills. This is good both for physical and cultural reasons. So every teenager should have his favorite activity. Never mind, is a teenager engaged in the same activity for years, or changing it every six months, trying new and new options – the main thing is that no one in the family is bored.

Now let’s talk about what to do when a bored teenager is at home during the holidays, at the weekend.

Back in the day, kids played board games, but that was half a century ago. Nowadays nobody is interested in it. In the age of the Internet, the question “What to do when a bored teenager” has a simple answer that every teen knows: pick up a smartphone/tablet, or sit down at the computer…

But here insidious surprises await teenagers. Because on the Internet, a teenager can find something useful, as well as stumble upon dangerous things, and parents cannot always control what kind of content he or she consumes. Be sure to invest your time and energy in unobtrusively channeling your teen’s curiosity in the right direction.

Another problem is that now children cannot get together with friends at any time to have fun. There are some reasons why this is often impossible. Covid restrictions and other reasons have shifted our life online. This applies to leisure as well. There is a cool decision for a day off, for a vacation, even for a teenager’s birthday. It’s an escape room online. Escape games online are exciting virtual team games for 2 – 10 players. This is a virtual version of escape rooms where players have to find a way out of a closed room by solving a series of puzzles and riddles.

Virtual exciting adventures, mysterious journeys, detective investigations, — that’s what all teenagers adore above all else. Every teen can become a superhero for 2 hours. Who is bored here? Nobody!

Normally the escape game has about 15 tasks that the players have to complete within a limited time. You have to think fast! Teens have a chance to show all their mental abilities, smartness and intelligence.

What to do when no one guesses how to solve the riddle? Сlues are given to help players to find the only correct decision. Step by step, the team progresses to the final outcome of the game lasting 1.5 – 3 hours. A great intense workout for a teenagers’ brain, and they definitely won’t get bored!

Both parents and teenagers can play escape games online, the family can become a team. It brings the family together, so why not play escape room games on weekends? It’s a great idea to book an escape game online for a teen’s birthday. All friends can have fun even if someone is far away. No need to come to a definite place, each player can play from home using computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
A group video call should be in any messenger convenient for everyone: Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Meet. Access to the call is reset to all participants – and the game starts at the appointed time.

Kids of 9, 10, 11 years old cannot yet solve logical problems that adults can. There are online escape rooms the plot and complexity of which match teens’ age.

For the age of 14-16, the complexity of the tasks should be as for adults, otherwise teens are bored. Online detective escape rooms are exactly what they will like.

For a team of young minds, the site will offer complex logical online escape games. This is real brainstorming! Brain training is just as important as muscle training.

Book an online escape game for teens. Be sure, they will like it so much that they will want to play together again and again.

And the problem of what to do when a bored teenager will no longer appear.

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