Gift certificate for Online Escape Room Game

A certificate for an online escape room game is the best gift for any holiday, you will definitely like it. The recipient of such a gift can choose one of the online escape room games.

Give emotions, joy and unforgettable impressions to your friends or relatives.

How to use the certificate?

Pay for the certificate online
You will get a nice PDF ticket with a unique number by e-mail
Gift this certificate for Online Escape Room Game!

Have the gift recipient book a quest on
Activate the quest at any time convenient for you.
Enjoy the game!
The certificate is not limited by the number of players in one room.

If the value of the certificate exceeds the value of the booked game, the difference between them will not be refunded. One game code is fully used to pay for one game.

How does a gift certificate that comes in the e-mail look like?

Подарочный сертификат пример